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Pin-Up Boys - A Super Junior AU RP
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Attack on the Pin-Up Boys/Super Junior AU Role-Playing


Pin-Up Boys is an Attack on the Pin-Up Boys/Super Junior AU RP.


* Watching the movie isn't necessary, but it's recommended.

* Check the claim list before attempting to claim.

* The claim limit is 3 muses. Only one Super Junior member per person.

* The characters from the movie (Super Junior) have the same social status and roles as the movie. No extreme OOC behavior allowed. In other words, you can't play Kibum as a playboy.

* The only exception to this rule is that all the characters will be attending the same school.

* Make a journal and a screenname for your muse.

* Post in the community or your journal at least once every two weeks to avoid the cut list. This is in order to ensure activity.


* All role-playing happens over AIM. The community will be used as a bulletin board for the students.

* Please keep OCC apart from IC.

* No metagaming. [Metagaming - The act of using outside or previously gained knowledge within a roleplay environment for personal gain or advantage. In other words, your muse can not take OOC news into the game.]

* No god-moding. [God-moding - When one plays a muse that can never be destroyed, harmed, etc. The muse hurts and/or kills the other characters without giving the other characters a chance.]

* Make sure to notify absences and hiatuses in the community. Drops must be announced in a similar fashion.
Please follow this form:

Your name: (If you wish to remain anonymous, please forward this information to the mod)
Your journal: (If you wish to remain anonymous, please forward this information to the mod)

Muse's name:
Muse's grade: (For convenience the grades are 1, 2 and 3. 3 being the senior year)
Muse's journal:
Muse's screenname:

Sample: (Third person; paragraph style.)

If you are claiming a muse that isn't in the movie please fill these too:

Reputation: (What circle does your muse belong to? Is he/she a bully? What kind of stereotype fits them?)
Activities: (Does your muse belong to the student council? Maybe to the dance team? Any?)
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